• Instructor Barbie Van Horn

Title & Escrow Fraud

Title & Escrow Fraud in Today’s Market

Our first clock hour class of the year is almost here- and it’s free. That’s right. All you have to do is register and get ready for class on January 28th. Sponsored by First American Title and featuring Barbie Van Horn This 3 clock hour class will explore various title & escrow fraud scenarios in today’s market. We will also talk about various protocols put in place by some title/escrow companies to prevent these fraudulent schemes. Real estate brokers will want to learn about these schemes as they affect not only the title & escrow companies, but the brokers’ clients, and, in some cases, the brokers themselves. We will have a lively discussion about the following critical topics: Cashier’s Checks, Wire Transfers, Fraudulent Deeds, Re-conveyances and Transfers, Impersonations, and Elder Fraud. You will leave educated, informed and ready to handle anything that comes up in these areas. Imagine being able to offer expertise in these areas to your clients!

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