• Instructor Jennifer Nelson

In-house Education Matters

The Benefits of In-house Education – why it matters.

You’re invited to contribute to the future of our industry- come one, come all! Our core beliefs include collaboration and the sharing of best practices across industry lines. We are a hub for real estate brokers from different agencies to come together to elevate the quality, skills and value of real estate brokers all over the Seattle area. Our in-house Metropolist agents enjoy up to 30 hours per year of free clock hour classes. If you love your current office, we especially want you to come be a part of the conversation. Your outside perspective and unique career experiences are essential to providing a comprehensive big picture of the real estate industry. We invite you to contact us for a tour, come to one of our clock hour classes, or participate as a panelist in one of our interactive education forums. Only together, as Metropolists and colleagues, can we make real estate great.

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