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Date night: The most romantic restaurants in Seattle and Tacoma

Endless attractions and spectacular views make Seattle and Tacoma a hotspot for romance. If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant for date night, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most romantic restaurants in Seattle and Tacoma:

  1. Canlis

2576 Aurora Avenue North Seattle 

Since 1950, this luxe restaurant has been providing the quintessential fine dining experience in Seattle. Canlis is a modern architectural marvel sitting on the edge of Queen Ann Hill. You and your date will be privy to spectacular views of the city, Lake Union and the Cascade Mountains from here. Their menu provides an exquisite selection of dishes per course (salads/veggies, two sets of main courses, and desserts), all finely prepared and presented with much flair. Make sure to dress in style for your visit here with your special someone!

  1. The Pink Door

1919 Post Alley, Seattle

 A generic gray exterior, barred windows, and a solitary pink door won’t give just anyone a clue as to the wonders this Italian restaurant holds inside. Once you enter, you and your date will feel like you’ve stepped into a portal of luxury. You will be greeted by ornate chandeliers, tables freshly covered in crisp white linen, lush drapes, and decorative mirrors and murals on every wall. This deluxe ambiance is matched by a culinary feast of molto delizioso Italian dishes on candle-lit tables. Try their modest favorites like lasagna and antipasto or the more elaborate selections like tuna Crudo and pork osso buco – you and your date will be grateful to have entered The Pink Door.

  1. Single Shot

611 Summit Avenue East Seattle

Put Single Shot on top of your list if you’re looking for a secluded spot for date night. The place is small but cozy with the most engaging ambiance Seattle can offer. Be impressed by their open bar flanked with shelf upon shelf of spirits and manned by seasoned bartenders who can whip up the finest cocktails in a jiffy. Most of all, browse over their extensive menu filled with contemporary American fare, most of which come fresh from their wood-fired oven. Frequent diner recommendations include their caramelized cauliflower, spring burrata, and the wonderful king salmon.

  1. Over the Moon Café

709 Opera Alley, Tacoma

 Excellent French-Italian fare and exceptional service await at Over the Moon Café. A boutique-style restaurant with artistic furnishings, it provides an intimate setting in what was once the backstage of the first Opera House in Tacoma. Dine on palate-tickling entrees like salmon filet dressed with white balsamic glaze or the 10 oz. rib-eye steak flavored to perfection with thyme, garlic, and rosemary butter. Pair your meals with rich red or white wine from Italy and you’re in for an unforgettable evening. 

  1. Indochine

1924 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma

Few restaurants in Tacoma can do Asian fusion as refined as Indochine. Located in an early-1900s brick building, this Asian dining lounge exudes anything and everything oriental with red décor and elegant East-inspired fixtures. While Thai is the heart of their dishes, you will find strong influences of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and other Asian cuisines in their menu. Some of their most popular offerings include Three Flavor Wild Salmon Steak, Jungle Curry Chicken, and Crying Tiger Beef Salad.


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Photo by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash