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Defining “Intention” for Your Best Year Ever

You’re going to be right, no matter what you think.

So, choose your thoughts, outlook and intentions wisely.
The reason we included an excerpt of this video into our Best Year Ever Class at the Learning Lab was to demonstrate the amazing and profound power that each of us has in creating our own lives.
So much of life we think just happens to us instead of training our brains to create the reality we want.  Dr. Joe Dispenza has done hundreds of talks and studies on how the brain functions and how our intentions impact the outcome.

For example

If I believe and reinforce that I am worried about my year in real estate, then from that vantage point of worry, I will create a worry-filled reality.
On the other hand, if I believe and reinforce that I will have a great year in real estate, then lo and behold, my ego begins to see and translate all things moving toward that goal, which creates that great year in real estate, year after year.

Brain science, anyone?

How about we weave in some brain science? And maybe a definition of “intention” to start off with? This is a long video, but inside of the first 7 minutes, Joe defines intention.
So, knowing this, we have such an incredible possibility to change our outcome by changing our thinking. Listen to Joe and see what you think:

It’s a 27 min. video, but we played the first 7 minutes in our Best Year Ever Class.
Your best year ever can start immediately by defining what it is you want from not only your real estate practice, but also your life.

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