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Distractions Derailing Your Best Practices?

Real estate brokers: 3 tips to help you stick with your best plans & ideas.

Ever had a great plan?

I mean, a really great plan?

But the slightest detour makes you chuck the whole thing?

For example

How about the plan to lose weight and you are all gung-ho and then your managing broker offers you a piece of cake? You don’t feel like you can say no, so you take it.  Then you say, “Forget it. This plan won’t work.”

Or how about the “I’m-going-to get-out-debt-idea”?

You are excited about it and ready to do it and then …you see this amazing deal on a sweater and you just have to buy it. So you swipe the credit card and then somehow that plan to get out of debt goes out the window.  Does this sound familiar?

How about in your business?

You know that you want to do a pop by for two clients this week.
But then something comes up: you get a call or you need to take care of something for your family or your car, and you decide you won’t really get to the pop bys this week.
You let the slightest detour completely derail you and your plan.
Your great plan. The one that will change your business for the better in the long haul.

Here are a few tips to help you when this happens:

1)        Be conscious in your choices each day.

You actually do have time to stop and think and be intentional about your choices.
Let’s go back to the get-out-of-debt/sweater temptation example: If you want that sweater, stop and think about whether this fits in your plan.
If you buy it, great. Just get right back to your plan to accommodate that purchase in your big picture, instead of chucking your goal of being debt-free out the door.

2)       Incorporate 80/20 and scrap “perfectionism”.

Understand that according to the psychology of our brains, our thoughts will try to “throw in the towel” if we don’t execute our best plans perfectly.
So, let’s add some sustainability in our thinking. Incorporate the 80/20 rule this way:  keep to your plan 80% of the time and then 20% is your time to buy that sweater or eat that piece of cake.

3)       Develop trust & confidence in the process.

Now, the reality here is that you develop trust and confidence in the process by practicing the process. And the practice, as you may have guessed, is going to be a lifelong one.
There will be temptations to veer off course. It’s the practice, awareness and context of the whole plan, the bigger picture, of your goals that you’ll just take on, one by one. Decide, act and then assess.
And then do it again.
When you do veer from your plan, whatever your plan, just know that your trajectory isn’t completely off.  Just resume your efforts and you can still hit your goal.

After all

It’s the small things that count when it comes to long term big impacts for your Seattle real estate practice.