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Establishing a Social Media Plan That You Can Actually Execute

Agents often confuse being on social media with making money off of social media. In reality, I see a lot of agents who get sucked down the social media rabbit hole without actually having any design to profit from it. But you can have a return on investment if you use social media with a few simple strategies in mind.

So, how do we use social media as a business?

1. You have to have an audience. If you have a business page, you need followers. We have found that the best way to spread our reach is with contests. We’re all familiar with the basic concept of “Like our page” or “Like our post and share it” and we will pick a winner as a contest.

2. You have to be relevant and relatable. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Be you. Avoid sensitive topics, but find something to post about that is real estate-related and also personal. It can be as simple as your new kitchen or a new listing feature you love—and why.

3. Make sure you are in neighborhood and local groups. 
These are great places to get information about people looking to sell and buy. Be a subtle stalker. You can’t just comment and post about things related to real estate (see No. 2). Let people see you so that when you comment about being an agent, they feel like they already know you. Don’t be afraid to private message someone either.

If you want your time spent on social media to translate into real dollars, it’s important to have a plan…and to follow it consistently. Time-block in your schedule when to sit down and create several weeks of posts all at one time and schedule them out using a publishing tool. We prefer to use the tool built into Facebook to do this. Plan out themed days like “Make Me Move Monday,” where you feature a new listing in your office (with the agent’s permission) or “Talk It Out Tuesday,” where you have a vendor write a small blurb. Run a contest at least once a month to engage your community. Have them participate with your social media by sending in the best carved pumpkin, the best Valentine’s Day gift they’ve received, etc. Focus on local happenings and try to think of things to post that will get shared. This will happen as long as you have a plan in place that you’re committed to following. Don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole!

Laura Ryan is a team leader from Dayton, Ohio. Contact her at [email protected].

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash