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Finally a Ninja – focused office in Seattle!

Are you ready for HUGE success courtesy of the Ninja philosophy?

What is Ninja Selling

It is called Ninja Selling because one of The Group sales partners who helped develop the system was nicknamed “The Ninja” by the staff in his office. He had great sales volumes, great customer satisfaction and referrals and yet seemed to have a life outside of his career. Larry Kendall, one of The Group’s partners, began documenting the sales systems used by the original Ninja and other top sales people at The Group. Ninja Selling is the result.

At Metropolist, we value the Ninja Sellingapproach to real estate. The system is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and then helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about helping people buy. This aligns perfectly with the core values of MetropolistReal Estate and how we want to make an impact in the world. (MetropolistOwners/Brokers Jen and Domenica with Larry at left)

Learn more about Ninja.

Learn how we apply Ninja Selling in our Learning Lab.

Metropolist Real Estate offers Seattle-area buyers and sellers, as well as brokers and entrepreneurs of all industries and businesses, a unique and energized way of doing business together in one space.

Our core mission is to pair collaboration and innovation, add in a genuine love of doing good in the world and discover, nurture and encourage the best in others.

Are you a Metropolist? You could be!

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Domenica LovagliaJennifer Nelson, and Chad Zinda