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Got the Brokerage Blues?

To grow and thrive as a real estate broker, the engine that drives success often comes from the foundation and support provided by the brokerage where the broker hangs his or her license. An essential part of any broker’s year-end evaluation includes reviewing the assets and liabilities of the brokerage itself.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you determine if it’s time to make a move.

  • Brokerage Investment
    1. Do the brokerage fees you pay match the level of support you receive?
    2. Are there any extra fees that feel out of scope with what you get as a broker?
    3. Are you paying out of pocket for transaction management?
  • Continued Education & Training
    1. Even the most seasoned broker requires clock hours, but does your brokerage regularly provide interesting, dynamic, and FUN clock hour opportunities at no cost to you?
    2. Are skill-building opportunities consistently accessible and applicable to where you are in your business?
    3. Does the training help you level up or spiral down?
    4. Does your brokerage provide mentors who guide, support, and share best practices as a collaborator?
    5. Does my brokerage’s training plan feel outdated, irrelevant, and stale?
  • Marketing
    1. Do your brokerage-provided marketing efforts get noticed and create a connection with your database?
    2. Is your brokerage using more cutting-edge tactics like video marketing to help you connect with your database?
    3. Is Social Media an afterthought of your current brokerage or a strategic tool?
  • Business Plan
    1. Is your niche and/or specialty nurtured and encouraged (and welcome!) at your brokerage as a part of the value of the brokerage brand and identity?
    2. Is practical business planning that pays off part of your brokerage’s skill set and initiatives?
  • Database Strategy and Support
    1. Does your database strategy pay off, in part, because of the support your brokerage provides?
  • Fit, Form, and Function
    1. Do you feel like collaboration is part of a regular conversation with other brokers in the firm?
    2. Does the company culture align with how you want to impact your clients, prospects, and community?
    3. Does the brokerage have a culture of celebrating clients that they’ll invest firm assets into, including the cost of client events?
    4. Is your leadership team accessible and resourceful when you need support?

Nothing changes if nothing changes

As your business evolves, you will need support that amplifies your business planning. Answering these questions honestly will help you understand what type of support you need moving forward in your business. The answers will also reveal which areas in a brokerage matter to you most. If your evaluation determines that it’s time to start interviewing other brokerages to see what’s available to you, consider asking these questions themselves of the Designated Brokers you speak with.

Considering making a move?
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