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How to Implement a Dynamic Approach to Real Estate Teams

Imagine going to your doctor’s office and having the doctor do everything from reception, checking your insurance and even checking your vitals. While it would be a unique consumer experience, it probably wouldn’t be a good one. With a one-man show like this, not only would there be a packed waiting room, but paperwork would also be a mess, and the quality of service would be less than great.

If you were telling this doctor that they had to redefine the consumer experience, you’d most likely suggest hiring a receptionist, a paperwork admin and a nurse.

Like the doctor in this scenario, the typical real estate agent or team leader wears too many hats, and that has a negative impact on the average real estate consumer experience. Poor service creates a vulnerable service gap that has led to industry disruption. This is why venture capital-backed disruptors, tech companies and others are knocking on our doors.

As a real estate agent who wants to redefine the consumer experience, the first thing you have to do—like most consumer-facing businesses—is build a high-performing team. Many of the most successful and profitable agents and brokers run their businesses with a dynamic team approach.

The trick to building your team properly, with discipline, is what we call “operational excellence.” While there’s more than one way to build a successful team, you can make your journey shorter and faster by following proven systems and processes. If you’ve been struggling with creating effective improvements in your office, you may benefit from adding systems to your arsenal.

With a great team in place, two things happen: you make more money, and you have more time. Time is what you need in order to focus on redefining the consumer experience, but the experience will likely already be in great shape if you hire the right employees for the clearly defined roles on your team.

If you’re a team leader, you’ll want to set your team up so that your agents only have to prospect, show houses and negotiate deals. A team that’s set up correctly will provide listing management, transaction coordination, marketing management and MVP programs to nurture past clients and leads with a great CRM. If you’re a team member, you’ll want to be on a team like this.

Teams are slowly taking over the real estate industry, and for good reason. Teams lead to more closed deals, higher incomes and a better work-life balance. If you’re a team leader and want to create a high-functioning team, reach out to [email protected] and see what you need to help your team thrive.

Ron Howard is a senior coach at Workman Success Systems. His specialty in the technology of automating work groups and workflow has bolstered his success in pioneering a new team approach to the real estate business.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash