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How To Stay Connected to Clients in a Crisis

These days, it’s trial and error for many businesses when exploring the best approach to stay connected to clients. Due to the sheer number of unknowns brought about by COVID-19—with every day offering new challenges—it can be difficult to uniquely respond to your client base with marketing that doesn’t feel pushy. Clients want to feel cared for, not sold to; clients want to be treated like people first, not consumers.

It doesn’t sound like something that needs to be said once you say it—to treat people the way you want to be treated—we are all familiar with the golden rule, but it’s a good reminder to pay close attention to your approach; to recognize the sensitivities everyone is feeling in this pandemic.

We also want to see our local businesses bounce back from this economic blow, so for those of us with the ability to assist and rally around the communities we care about, the show must go on. Over the past several weeks, I have found a few methods that have allowed me to stay connected to my community.

Videos with BombBomb

Produce short videos with a service like BombBomb. You can text, email, and share the videos on social media for greater reach. Don’t use it to advertise what you’re selling though, use it to advertise who you are. People connect with people. Be a person, be vulnerable.

Texting with Reach

And, speaking of reach, the texting app, Reach, has been great too. It allows for group texting but individualizes each text so you can connect with a greater amount of people in a personalized way.

Staying in touch with so many people can feel overwhelming. The pressure to be there for all your clients, all the time, is heightened in a crisis. Use the tools at your disposal and find apps you enjoy operating within to relieve that pressure.

Email & Handwritten Letters

Email is a quick and easy go-to, but emails can easily be lost and forgotten. When is the last time you opted out of emailing someone and picked up a piece of paper and a pen and wrote them a personalized letter? Handwriting carries the weight of care where technology fails.

Client response during a crisis is based on a high level of trust, and now is the time to check-in.

  • Many people are experiencing financial struggles, assure your clients there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • Stay personable, don’t be salesy. It’s not about investing in real estate, it’s about investing in people.

At Metropolist, we make things personal.

If you need help talking through a personalized approach to stay connected with your client, please join us for our weekly production meeting. We meet virtually, every Wednesday at 10 am, and we are here to support you through COVID19 and beyond. Email me at [email protected] and I will respond with an invitation. Let’s connect and stay connected.


By Chad Zinda