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How Touring Can Make You More Money as a Seattle Broker

Amplify fun and profits by touring Seattle real estate properties with other brokers.

Real estate can be a lonely business.

But it doesn’t have to be. Our recommendation, don’t go it alone.

When is the last time you took the time to tour homes?  I don’t mean show homes to clients, I mean preview homes?  What about when is the last time you did that with some colleagues?

seattle real estate metropolist tour broker collaborationOf course, we know the benefits of touring…

We know the market more, we are more equipped to price homes and know the inventory, we get to rub elbows with other brokers and maintain good relationships with our peers, and we get to see homes that trigger us to think of a particular client that may not have even been in the market but this house would be for them.

Those are just a few of the many benefits but let’s zoom in on the benefits of touring with other colleagues as well.

For support… it matters. And for collaboration…  that matters too.

Plus, chances are good you’ll have some fun with fellow brokers.

These, among other ethics, at Metropolist demonstrate that we need each other in this business. Building relationships within your firm as well as outside of your firm is going to serve you in more ways than you know.

Our city, as it turns out, is actually pretty small. Have you noticed?

While some try to make this a solo business, Jennifer Nelson notes with confidence that “…their numbers would be entirely different, as in “better”, if they were intentional about ways to be around others in our industry.”

Make a point to schedule time to tour. Invite others to join you and watch how your business grows together.

More education

Hey, did you know we have a weekly Contracts class? Yep. Demystifying Contracts. We all get together and go over each form in the contract to clarify and answer questions, share knowledge and laugh together. We really do end up laughing in this class.

Mondays at 10am, no matter which firm you are with. Just let us know you’re coming. The better we all know the materials, laws and contracts of our industry, the better we’ll work together and serve our clients.

Join us and Demystify Contracts!