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New Investor Class: The Real Estate Crash Course

Brand new real estate investor class: March 14.

Joe Still is a well-known educator in real estate investment. He has offered and taught a class for a long time called Does It Pencil and has recently created a curriculum for a 4-hour clock hour class called The Real Estate Crash Course.

In this class, Joe will outline the basics of investing in real estate, including

  • how to ask good questions for your real estate clients, and
  • how to invest yourself

Talking the talk

In our business of selling homes, it is essential we understand the figures and know how to talk in an educated manner about return on investment and break even amounts and more.

How honed are your skills in “investment speak”?

Do you need to know more?

From a professional?

Join us for The Real Estate Crash Course

Review more details about this brand new clock hour class now. And definitely register!

Register for this class and invest in your future as a real estate broker by knowing more.

Come to this class in the Learning Lab on March 14, and position yourself as a total pro in 2018.