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Lander St. Bridge

SODO Commuters may be in for a special treat, but not until about 2018-2020. Metropolist recently hosted SDOT’s South Lander Bridge Proposal Open House and it’s moving forward after being postponed for a few years. It is estimated that the train tracks have about 100 train crossings daily, closing the street for approx 5 hours every day. As stated in the SDOT Blog, South Lander St provides connections to facilities that make up much of the economy in the Port of Seattle which currently has about 75,000 existing jobs and is projected to have additional 25,000 jobs by the year 2040. The South Lander Bridge will be constructed above the train tracks between 1st and 4th Ave and will help relieve congestion and provide a safer commute for daily drivers, walkers and bicyclists as well as provide an unobstructed route for truck drivers, delivery trucks, etc … without the interference of the trains.

?Over the next year, the city will be in works of designing and engineering the bridge with the projection of the construction to start in 2018 and be finished by 2020. So stay tuned Seattle commuters, and for common Q&A check out the project website for many more details.