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Metropolist Nation: Real Estate Happs: Feb 26 – Mar 4

What’s in the best buyer’s packets?

Greetings, Metropolist Nation. This is Chad for the week of February 26th, and we are finishing our last week of this month discussing working with buyers.

Specifically, we’re going to talk about what to include in your buyer packets.

One thing I would recommend you include is the latest edition of the Metropolist Magazine. Have you sent this valuable tool to your current clients yet?

Let’s talk buyer packets

Properly educating your real estate clients about the process of buying a home can help your transaction go more smoothly and will help to ensure your client will pass your name along to all of their friends and family in the future.  Be ahead of the pack and set expectations upfront and educating the home buyer.

So what should be in an effective buyers packet?  Here’s is a list of documents you could provide:

  • An color graphical cover page with your name or even better, their name on it
  • A list of what they should expect from their chosen broker
  • A list of reasons why you are the best broker for their needs…perhaps the Buyer Infographic?
  • A list of commitments from you to your buyers of what they can expect from your services
  • An explanation of agency (sellers agency, buyer agency, and transaction brokerage)
  • The specific advantage of working with a buyer’s agent
  • Information on the pre-approval process
  • An overview of what they should expect though the process (the home search, writing an offer, earnest money, negotiations, inspections and appraisals, title work, the closing process)
  • Trendgraphix Data reflecting the market
  • A map of the area, especially if they are moving from out of town…How about Neighborhood Sheets?!
  • A blank copy of a real estate contract
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • A short and snappy glossary or better, infographic, of real estate terms
  • the latest edition of Metropolist Magazine

We will also have contracts and skills this Monday.

Make it a great week. -Chad