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About That New Shiny Thing That Will Make You Money…

Jennifer Nelson weighs in on exactly when this works.

Co-founder of Metropolist and the Learning Lab and seasoned Seattle real estate broker, Jennifer Nelson, shares a few thoughts about “the latest things” and when they work to make you more money.

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I know you get hit up as much as any other agent with offers for the latest, new-fangled thing that will ultimately “change your life” and “make you tons of money”!

Promises, promises

We, as real estate brokers, hear about what’s new all the time. As in, “you can buy this new thing for only $99 a month (or $400 a month or $1 a month) and then, with little to no effort on your part, this widget/service/app/product will change your business and you will be rich!”

Maybe it is more subtle (maybe not), but surely the message is familiar to you.

Isn’t it?

You know the answer already…

My question to you is… When is this ever true in life?

When do you we get to do little to nothing… and have it pay us back 10 fold?

Let me help you out if you’re stumped: NEVER!

Seriously, never.

So why get caught up in this stuff?

Why pay even 5o cents for something that will not yield a return for you?

Get it vetted and get to what works

I will challenge you to consider carefully ever spending money in your business that you haven’t vetted for proven results.

Also, and much more importantly, I would have you focus on the non-shiny things that do have proven results. You know, the work. The stuff no one else is doing… and watch as your business explodes.

What else works?

Continual, engaging, helpful, relevant education. The investment you want and need (and are required to get for your real estate license too).

That’s right… clock hours!

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The Learning Lab: Seattle’s Unboring Real Estate School.

All real estate brokers, from every firm, are welcome and invited. Enjoy social, unboring, practical and helpful, relevant real estate clock hour courses at the Learning Lab. As many as you can, as many as you want… and as many as you need.

It feels more like an educational party than a boring-as-hell, “traditional” clock hour class.

Check out the next couple of courses or plan further ahead.
Review the Course Catalog now. And join the clock hour party.