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Part II: Now that we’ve got your head screwed on right…

Skill Set

There are three key elements to running a successful business and all three are equally necessary.  These three keys are Mindset, Skillset and Actions. Mindset is how one thinks and one’s belief system. Skillsets are the traits and tools one uses. And Actions are the steps one takes in moving forward. In this post, the focus is on Skillsets. Skillsets are referred to as a practice of growing one’s skills. This use may be in the form of ‘rehearsing’ or role playing, reading and learning a new skill and honing current skills while of course using any combination of these together. The ultimate path is moving toward mastery within your industry. An effective skill in the path to mastery is question based consulting and using tools to create systems in your business. To learn more on your own, grab a book on question based consulting or visit To learn more in a group setting, check out the course offerings in “The Learning Lab” or feel free to drop in anytime at our weekly skills group or office meetings where we practice shaping our mindset each week. Just shoot us a note and we will let you know what our schedule is!

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