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Offering Client Appreciation Events to Build Your Business

How to work client appreciation events into your success plan as a real estate broker.

If you follow the big names in real estate training, such as Brian Buffini, Denise Lones and Larry Kendall, you know they all tout the importance of holding client appreciation events for a broker’s long term success.
So, why is it that most brokers don’t organize and offer them?

Out-of-pocket costs …and fear

metropolist real estate client appreciation seattle SODO

Broker Sara Starr and her clients at our 3rd Annual Pie Night

Brokers we’ve asked directly about this will often name the output of costs as one reason they don’t offer client appreciation events.
Space rental, purchasing food and drinks and such are definite costs, and there’s also the time spent in researching, shopping, inviting, confirming, etc.
But the biggest reason is that they are concerned no one will come to an event if they go to the trouble to fund and plan one. This is a debilitating fear that stops a broker cold from doing what is best for their business, which is connecting face-to-face with clients.
So, some ideas on how to overcome these objections, if you have them yourself, are:

  • Know and believe that in general, people like to be appreciated. So you taking the time to thank your clients by coordinating a small, easy-to-attend event will be well received
  • If you present it well, it will be received well. How we present something is how it is received. So if you coordinate your event by holding the assumption that it will fail, you will be “helping” it to fail. Likewise, when you believe that your event is a great opportunity to show your gratitude, that will also come across to your clients
  • Collaborate with other agents in your office to help defer the cost and also fill the room
  • Join the real estate firm that offers, funds, manages client appreciation events as part of their regular business. We, at Metropolist, organize, manage and fund 3 signature client appreciation events each year at no cost to our brokers.We’re located in a beautiful landmark building in SODO that can hold up to 500 folks. We throw these big parties as a way to collaborate and energize the entire firm’s clientele.


Plus, we know how important it is to your business success to offer these appreciation events for your clients.

Curious about becoming a Metropolist broker? Email us or call to schedule an interview and let’s talk about your real estate success plan.