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On Giving

It’s not the amount of money that matters in giving.

It’s the act itself.

Jennifer Nelson, co-founder of Metropolist, weighs in on giving.

Many brokers say to me that they wish they could give, but they just don’t have any money.

This always pains me because the fact is, each of us, no matter our income, can give something.

And I do mean “give financially”.

Are you rolling your eyes?

You might be. But let me give you a new spin on giving…and the reality, too.

The reality is that this action of giving money isn’t about “hard” or “easy”; it is about habit and commitment.


A long time ago I was taught to give 10% of my income. This practice, done by my parents, no matter what, demonstrated that they never considered that 10% “their money”.

They always gave it to someone less fortunate or a cause or the church.

I am not suggesting that you don’t pay your rent, or you don’t eat so you can give to others, but I am saying that the habit of seeing this money much like you do your retirement money will help you to always have something to give away to others.

It is already-spoken-for money, not for spending or saving but for giving away. That’s the purpose.

Putting it into action

So when you get a $3000 referral check you automatically take $300 and set it aside to give away. I have this system on autopilot so I don’t even see the money in my checking out: it goes into another account called Giving so when a need arises, I can go into that account and meet that need. And feel amazing!

It is a great feeling to open your Giving account and see $1000 in there and be able to take whatever amount of that and give it away knowing it isn’t messing with your living expenses.

It’s about goal fulfillment

When we set up systems to help us make our commitments, it makes it that much easier to fulfil our goals.

In this time of the year, I hope you have an account you are using to give and meet the needs you see coming up.

If you don’t, please set up a savings account now to make 2018 a year to give without hesitation, no matter the amount.