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One Change Away From a New Experience

Easy ways to shake up a boring routine with just one change.

Researchers say we use about 10% of our brain on any given day.

Even more surprising is the stat about the majority of the things we do every day. Did you know that about 90% of our day is exactly the same as the day before? Which is the same as the day before that.

And, yes, same-same as the day before that too.

One word: BORING!

But when we step out, even so much as a toe out, of our regular routine, our brain fires at a very different level. A more exciting level. We take more interest in our own lives and loves when we change small things to disrupt our everyday routines.

New changes, easy changes

Explore a couple of ways you can gently shake up a few of your regular routines. Not everything needs a change, but you can certainly consider these few areas:

Eating out

If you normally go out to eat at the same favorite restaurant, and you order the same thing and then go to a movie with your partner, just try to change it up a bit.

Try a new restaurant, order a new thing you haven’t tried and watch how your experience in life is changed. Your conversations will be more interesting. The food will taste better. You may even see your spouse in a new light.

Or, switch up the kind of movie you see. Or the theater where you see it.

What is one thing you can change about your night out together?

Out & about

How about instead of taking the dog on the same path for the walk every day, you try a new route? Or even a new neighborhood?

Pick up a few groceries at a different store. Try a wine shop you haven’t been to before. Just to see it and experience it.

That’s entertainment

Maybe instead of watching that hour program at night, pick a new book and watch how much more interesting life is with new information.

Or, how about listening to an audiobook together?

We are so programmed with our regular routines. It might be a fun game to challenge yourself to step out, just enough, to keep your life both interesting and different…while still being comfortable.