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The Opportunity That’s Always There

It was a big week with the inauguration. And an even bigger weekend with the Women’s March that happened all over the world. Changes are afoot. Uncertain changes. And change is not always an easy thing to navigate. Especially for the people in our spheres who’re looking to own property of their own or considering a move up.

The opportunity that’s always there for you, real estate brokers?

It’s the opportunity to ask the people in your sphere about themselves.
About how they are doing. What they are wondering about.

It’s an opportunity to further demonstrate your care and attention in your relationships.

How? The possibilities are endless. But here’s one that will stand out in their minds: listen even more deeply to them. Your clients.

And it’s key to understand what’s happening to the housing market on a national level.
That’s another topic to attend to and listen in on.

Some people will call it “adding value”.
Being an expert resource. Knowing your neighborhoods and the properties available in them.
Understanding how the competitive local area we live in will be affected by the a national and state markets.

Then connecting the dots so it’s easy for your clients to understand how the nature of our changing market may affect them. With regard to their dreams, their budget, their next investment or home.

When working in a “sphere” methodology of real estate, like we do here, the ground level is always with the people who surround you. So, it’s a time for checking in, asking questions and possibly offering resources.

No need to be assuming or overt about it.
As in, “Wow. How about that (fill in the blank) event? Are you freaking out?”

Not helpful.

Don’t put on a show.
Just channel some genuine care and compassion and all will flow naturally.

The real estate market, industry and broker lifestyle is one of care and details. Make the most of your relational skills and abilities. You absolutely have them in spades by getting this far in your career.

And remember
More care in uncertain times actually stands out to others (people in your sphere) as calming, professional, and, as mentioned before, rare. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is simply show up.

The opportunity is always at hand.
How will you employ it in your own business practice?

After all, if you never leave the basics, you never have to get back to them.

Becoming more knowledgeable about the market can be fun.
And did you know? You’re always invited at the Learning Lab.

Check out our class schedule here.
And join us for skill-building and a delicious lunch while earning your clock hours.