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Ranked 20th in Residential Real Estate …& WAY MORE

Metropolist Milestone Achieved!

Metropolist landed in 20th position in the local residential real estate market.

This ranking, to be in the top 20 specifically, has been a major goal and vision for at least the past year for the owners of Metropolist.

And there’s definitely more to this story, friends. Much more.

The vision has been achieved in the month of December, 2016 (based on sales as reported by market data company Trendgraphix) inside of 2 years of launching.

Launching the firm, that is.

We’re off-our-heads-thrilled to share this accomplishment, unique parts of our business model, which includes events and a real estate school, via this breaking – bit of press.

Read the full article in the Puget Sound Business Journal now.