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Real Estate Broker Follow Up Tools: Ringless Voicemail Drops

We heard about a tool recently – ringless voicemail drops – from pro panelist Kelly Zuger in our last signature clock hour class, The Pit. So, we did a little digging to bring you a few ideas about how you might incorporate the use of these tools in your own practice.

First off, what IS it?

Ringless voicemail drop tools simply allow you, via an application or an initial phone number, to leave a message for your person/or people without their phones ringing.

Basically, it’s a service that dials directly into their voicemail system and somehow by-passes the calling and ringing part.

Have you ever experienced this?

Your phone has been on and right next to you and all of a sudden, you have a voicemail notification…someone’s left you a message, but you’d swear on a stack of something that your device never rang. And you were right there!

Ever happen to you?

Here’s what we can do with it

As real estate brokers, our days and minds can be choppy. People and tasks just appear in our heads while we’re on the go all day long. “Oh, that reminds me of Jason,” or “I need to remember to….”

There are small windows of time, tiny pockets, that get lost in the day. Sometimes the ideas are lost with these little bits of time as well.

Using a ringless voicemail drop service can help us to make that time useful and stay top of mind with people from our databases.

Scenario 1:

You’re waiting for an inspector and a buyer to show up to a property. You have 5-10 minutes max.

You don’t have time for a catch up call with any one person, but you might be able to leave 3 messages to get a catch up call or meeting on the books.

Leave them a “just thinking of you” message asking for that meeting or call with a couple of dates and times that work for you. You look organized, thoughtful and professional.

Scenario 2:

You’ve got 5 minutes before your production meeting starts and you realize you haven’t reached out to anyone in your database during the entire week (hey, sometimes that’s how a week can go, right?).

You’ve got 5 minutes to leave a few messages…without talking with anyone.

Are you showing up to a production meeting without making calls or doing any outreach to your people? If you have a few minutes, you can use that time.

Suggestions for getting started

The first and most obvious suggestion is to shop for your preferred service. We’ve listed a few for you to look at below. Beyond that the most important thing is to practice using the service with a friend, family member or collaborate with another broker to get a feel for it.

Don’t go in cold with a client’s number right out of the gate. It’s just not a good idea.

Far better to test, yes?



In our clock hour class, Kelly shared about a specific product, Slydial.

We found a few more: and Stratics Networks as additional options for comparisons.

We found Slydial to be the most up-front in terms of usage and pricing. So take a look and compare.

Reclaiming lost minutes can allow you make lots more personal connections and to follow-up. Staying in closer touch with your clients will set you apart from other brokers.

And it’s not too tech-advanced. If you can dial a phone, you can utilize this kind of tool.