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Real Estate Client Management and Fear

Difficult real estate client?

Yep, we get it.

We have all been there when we get the difficult client-the one who makes us sweat, the one who wants everything to be perfect, the one who is ultimately afraid.

Many agents mismanage or actually not manage their clients and this makes for a very difficult transaction and doesn’t end up serving anyone in the end.

Let me explain

Most folks who hire a professional are not only hiring a broker’s expertise, they are wanting the broker to be in control of the process.  The client wants someone who has traveled this path and can guide them to a successful end.


They are ultimately afraid. There are many unknowns, as you well know. But you might forget that your client doesn’t know what you know. At all.

Think about it

Imagine what it’s like for your client, who has little-to-zero inkling of all that is involved in a transaction. From legalities to ethics, to negotiations, to the state of the current market, to marketing… all of these elements and more are unknown to your client.

Their fear demonstrates as perfection, as grumbling, as complaining, as zeroing in on erroneous things.  How you, as their broker manage this, will set you apart from and above other brokers.

  • Are you the calm voice of reason?
  • Are you the one handling the details so they don’t’ have to ask you about things?
  • If they are zeroing in on a small detail that you can affect, will you just handle it instead of making an issue of it?

Be the professional they want, and more than that, be the professional real estate broker they don’t’ even know they need.

Level up your real estate practice

There are a million ways to up your real estate business.

Two easy ways are via regular education, especially those that are fun and social! You’re invited!

We hold weekly Skills and Contracts classes, and also offer unboring, in person clock hour classes in the Learning Lab. Review the schedules, see what works, show up and then we’ll all level up together!