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Your Real Estate Clients Don’t Care About These 3 Things

Are you leading with these off-putting tactics in your real estate practice? The Learning Lab’s real estate school weighs in and shares precisely what -and who – not to spotlight in your buyer and seller consultations. If you’re after positive results in every new client meeting, read on and review your current practices. Small changes can make a huge difference.

If you’ve ever been concerned about coming off as “too salesy”, “cheesey” or “pitchy”, review your initial introductions and consultation meetings for the following 3 culprits that turn new clients O-F-F. Let’s jump right in!

Buyers and sellers in our industry don’t care about:

  1. Your years of service.
    If you’re counting on your years in the industry to impress a client, you might re-think that approach. Years in the industry doesn’t translate to success and know-how in the current market.

    Consider spotlighting your most recent & relevant “win”. Script the basic story of what happened and how your client came out on top…and don’t let it last more than 30 seconds.

  2. The company or the firm you are affiliated with.
    Your client will have a relationship with you, not your firm. The attraction to you, your practice and your personal & professional brand is what to work on. So, how do you want to be perceived?

    If you want to spend time working with your firm, take a look at how that firm can further support your practice. There may be resources you aren’t taking full advantage of…resources that are included in the fees you are already paying each month. The relationship between you and your firm is really for you.

    The relationship between you and your client is the one to lead with in your consultations, not your choice of firm. It really has no effect or benefit to the people looking to buy or sell a property.

  3. Your car.

    We aren’t saying,”Get a crappy car.” Sure, absolutely, drive a fantastic car. Go for it. But don’t linger over it to try to make a point of your success with it. You’ll make a far better impression by spending time listening and getting a great job done for your client.

    After all, your new client is looking for your help to succeed for themselves, not revel in your choice of vehicle or firm …or to marvel at the years of experience you have in the market.

Get on with the work and do an amazing job of representing your new contact. Dig in to the details of what they are looking for… and more importantly, why they are looking for it.

Ask about their why. Then, base all of your attention and care on their why in the meetings you conduct with them and as their broker. Represent them like no one else can, or ever will. That care and attention is what will single you out as an utter pro. Count on it.

Not a fit? If you discover it’s not the right fit in your consultation, do your very best to communicate that gracefully and to genuinely wish them well. That’s also the sign of a real professional in real estate.