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Try This System in the New Year

Ready for a simple-to-implement quarterly real estate search & share this year?

This easy tip was shared a few years back from another smart broker. We recommend that our brokers take a few minutes to conduct these searches each quarter. And for those brokers who do it, they are served well for a bit of effort.

Quarterly strategic search

Take a few minutes and conduct radius searches quarterly for each client. This simple search & share keeps all of your clients informed about the property values in their own neighborhoods, and also gives you an excellent way to share value (both the neighborhood data, but also the value you provide as a broker), plus, you’ll connect with each client regularly.

Here’s how

Simply go to the MLS system, pull up the map and type in a client’s address.

Then do a quarter (.25) mile search around their property and send them the details about the homes that are pending or recently sold.

This is not a CMA

This data report isn’t mean to be comprehensive, but instead just a snapshot of values in their neighborhood.

When we deliver this information, we don’t make any changes to the data. Meaning, we don’t just search a certain number of beds or bathrooms that we think they may be interested in; we just share the real & relevant data with them.

Keep it simple and real. There’s definitely value in a simple share.

How will it serve you?

When a client who has been receiving quarterly neighborhood search data is ready to sell, they  won’t be shocked by the value of their house one way or the other.

The reports also make for a great talking point, as everyone wants to know what the house down the street sold for!

Put the quarterly radius search system into your routine and let us know how it works for you.