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Real Estate Skills Pay the Bills

You’ve got your real estate license. Now what?

It isn’t that difficult to decide to become a real estate broker.

You take the classes, pass the exam and …..Voila! You are a licensed broker. Hurray!

However, it is quite another thing to make more than the national average of income for brokers, which, by the way is $31,670.


Gross, indeed

I mean gross, not net, but I also mean, “GROSS! That is NOT enough money to live on in Seattle for sure.”

So what makes the difference between being in the top 5% and making above $250,000/year?

In a word, skills.

Regular classes and workshops

You can have a license all day long. Having a license doesn’t auto-magically mean having a commission check.

So, dear broker, exactly how are you growing your skill set to help you  make you more money?

Learning by doing?

Some brokers say they are just so busy doing real estate that they don’t have time to go out to attend classes. These are the brokers who say they are learning by doing.

And it’s a valid part of the needed learning and continual skill set building process.

We also need regular training

We all need to break from our regularly scheduled routine to learn, not only under fire in the field, but also in a more-classroom-like setting.

Why? So we can observe, digest and analyze the information. Reflect on the topic at hand and then implement it, and even discuss it.

Does your brokerage offer a weekly skills class that helps you practice the buyer consultation, the seller process, seller’s objections to commissions, etc?

You’re invited

If yours doesn’t, consider this post an invitation. Come and check out our weekly classes at Metropolist. We meet every Monday at 10am to practice our skills and actively build on our craft.

This isn’t just for newbies by any stretch of the imagination: it is for all of us who are willing and ready to up our game in our craft, industry and practice.

Let’s go!