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Case Study: Real Value, Real Results = $95k Over List

He was set to work with Redfin, but chose Metropolist.

And Randy Olbrich is convinced that broker Chad Zinda got at least 80k more for his 1 bedroom Belltown condo than he would’ve gotten with Redfin.

In early Spring, Olbrich witnessed the sale of his fiancee’s Belltown condo. The Seattle market was white hot, with rampant stories of multiple offers and properties “selling themselves.”

What he witnessed, was an initial listing price that seemed too high, no bidding war and an unimpressive amount of offers. Only one offer came in.

Months later, he met with the same Redfin agent regarding his own similarly beautiful condo. The agent suggested a seemingly too low initial listing price, plus the agent recommended they not stage the property. These were big red flags.

Needed Change

Olbrich has several broker friends, including Metropolist broker Chad Zinda. Olbrich was hesitant to use any of his friends as his broker, plus, he questioned if he’d make up the 6% broker commission in a higher sale price.

Upon reviewing the previous sale, plus the conversation about his impending Redfin listing, he realized that a sale of this magnitude deserved the best agent he could find and agreed to work with Zinda.

Value, in action

The biggest value came from:

  1. The initial list price was right at $500k
  2. Help finding a staging company
  3. Care & work in finessing the offers

The first offer that came in was for $550k and Olbrich was ready to accept.


Zinda suggested moving up the review date and then calling all of the buyers’ brokers who had expressed interest. Real value, and results, came in Zinda’s responsiveness, timing and communication skills under pressure.

“Chad has a bubbly, friendly personality that is also professional and approachable. It helps,” shared Olbrich.

Helps, indeed.

His condo sold for $595k.

That’s $95k over list price.

“I made much more money with Chad,” said Olbrich. “I’m convinced he got at least 80k more for it than I would’ve gotten from Redfin.”

Still more

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