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Open Houses: What’s Your WHY?

What’s your main “why” when you agree to do an open house? When you’ve clarified your real opportunity in doing open houses in Seattle, you may have more energy, curiosity…and an improved ability to build yourself a bigger business.

Have you thought about why you host open houses?

Are you absolutely clear on the main reason?

Chances are good your reasons do not include:

  • I like opening doors
  • I need something else to do on a Sunday
  • I just love people or,
  • I just love houses

Nope. You’re biggest reason why may be that you want to land more listings.


Are you going to get more listings by:

  • Hounding & hovering? Some brokers are so eager that they forget the main reason that the people are showing up is to look closely at the property. This also looks like repeatedly stating the obvious, and making a general nuisance of oneself.
  • Meh + magazine? At the other end of the spectrum, the broker who is the “bored babysitter”. Likely snacking and scoping out the latest pop magazine on the couch. Seems annoyed when someone has a question.

So, neither of these approaches are going to make the right impression, right?

Would YOU retain either one of the characters described above to list your home?

Is it possible that somewhere in the visitor’s mind they are taking in all the things that a real estate broker is doing during an open house?

Chances are good that how you work for one property is how you’ll work for all properties, to a potential seller. Even if they don’t know whether or not they are a seller…yet.

One winning way to approach an open house

Consider it a professional networking opportunity. Keep it light, professional and inviting.

Warm, candid, friendly… without hovering. Offer additional comparables. Smart helpful neighborhood info, laminated so you can talk about the content together, and you can use it again.

This professional networking opportunity is not about getting as many business cards into other people’s hands as possible.

This is about being helpful and approachable and about the possibility of making one or two meaningful connections.

After all, with an average Seattle listing being $500k or more, you could be making some really good money if you’re smart about how you host an open house.

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