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Metropolist Nation: Seattle Real Estate Happs: Week of June 4 – 10

Hellooooo Seattle brokers & Metropolist Nation!

Here’s what’s cookin’ this week for all!

Monday, June 4

Contracts & Skills at 10am will be led by Sara Starr Poulsen. We are answering the question “What is Earnest Money” and then explaining it to your client. We’ll also be finding the areas within the Purchase and Sale Agreement that contain provisions for the Earnest Money.

Bring your screens/electronic devices so you can access the Xpress Forms online. You know you wanna.

Tuesday, June 5

Broker Meeting at 10am. We will begin the broker meeting promptly. Please come early, get parked and get your coffee and burrito and get settled by 9:30am. Thanks in advance.

Reminder: ALL SHOES for the Shoe Drive must be brought in by Tuesday.

It’s also Photo Day for those who signed up for the June 5 date right after the meeting at 11:45am. Shout out to Diwas Photography for stellar headshots, as always!

Bonus! for those that have the Buffini Referral Maker CRM, Domenica is hosting a meet up right after also to go over tips and tricks of the system and to utilize it to full power. Thanks Domenica!

If you don’t have it and want to see how it works, then you can join too. Come on, come on!

chad zinda metropolist real estate broker seattle

Chad Zinda, Designated Broker

Wednesday, June 6

We’re going a’touring up North. If you’d like to join, check in with Chad. We are leaving office by 10:30am.

Thursday, June 7

Learning Lab clock hour class! Escrow: Get in the Know!

This clock hour class is from 10am – 1pm. 

This in from Chad: “There is a lot to be learned in regards to the escrow process and I’m still learning 20 years later. Should be a fun-ish class!”

Reminder that all clock hour classes are free for Metropolist brokers.