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Short Week: Stay Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Brokers, “comfortable” is a deadly place to be in our business.

We have days to make a fantastic impact in our business before enjoying all things Thanksgiving, football, long weekend and holiday jump start.

So, stay in the discomfort zone

We are doing things outside our comfort zones. Why? For growth on all fronts: personal, business, financial…and all the other fronts as well.
Let’s make it a big week in just a few days.


Consider jamming in a week’s worth of our Daily Income Producing Activities into 3 days this week. You’ll make it a power week.


We are doing the 22J for Contracts and the Buyer Agency Agreement in Skills followed by completing unsolicited CMA’s using  ToolkitCMA Program.

Metropolist Pie Party Client Event


We will have a quick ‘n’ effective meeting at 10am, followed by all things pies.

If you are not participating in the Pie event, you are still making long and powerful strides to build your business…we know you are!

Great work to all!

Until then

Be sure to remind your guests & ramp up about our 3rd Annual Client Appreciation Pie Night on Tuesday! It’s a gorgeous huge party with loads of cheer and all of our awesome friends and contacts.