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Explore What Drives Referrals in Your Sphere of Influence

Who is fun and refreshing to work with? Who is confident, knowledgeable and professional? Who knows their local area back-to-front…and upside down?

And who can negotiate easily so that buyers and sellers are represented with their very best interests at the core of the transaction? Easy. That’s YOU… when you’re on fire for continually learning and growing in your work as a real estate broker.

When you’re always learning, there’s always something to share

When you reach a space in your career where you are in the flow of continually learning and then also sharing what you’ve learned.

Have you read, or listened to, the book The Go-Giver ?

It’s a fast & fantastic story about connecting and engaging people in a way that is infectious, gratifying, satisfying…in a way that keeps the person who’s doing the giving full and with no burnout in sight.

Watch for signals of opportunity, throughout this deceptively simple, rich story.

It’s a bit of a map in how to jump in to “flow.”

What about purchasing cold leads in hopes of scraping a listing?

Uh…. isn’t this profession challenging enough?
With cold leads, the person doesn’t know you. At all.

So they certainly don’t know if they like or trust you either. You must start at the beginning to develop a relationship to bring them into your sphere of influence.

And if their name just got sold to you, well, sorry to say, but that name is getting sold and sent out again and again to fellow brokers in the area as well.

What about keeping it simple?

What about asking how you might help the people who already know, like and trust you?

One of the concerns brokers have is that they don’t ever want to appear to “sell to their friends” or even “appear salesy.” It’s a great concern to have & be aware of, for sure.

However, this concern has brokers pulling back the reins on all aspects of engagement with the friends and family members who could use some real help in the interim.

Or worse, when a friend or loved one selects another agent because they did a better job of getting in front of them, helping them, and asking to represent your friend or family member. UGH. THE WORST.

By keeping yourself engaged in learning more about your

  • Profession
  • The contracts, forms and paperwork
  • Partner professionals, like lenders and title agents
  • The local areas

You will always have something new to offer.

learning lab at metropolist clock hour classes pic

Get curious.

Get helpful.

Get to giving.

And certainly, get to class!

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Lunch is tasty & included. Street parking is available. 3 social, delicious & unboring clock hours about the real business practices that work in the Greater Seattle real estate market.

The invitation is warm & always open.

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