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The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Everyone’s Design Style

When you’re moving into a new residence or staging your current home before selling it, finding the right design inspiration can help save you a lot of time and anguish. While there are plenty of good resources to consider, Instagram is perhaps one of the most useful platforms for exploring the latest design trends. Below are a few of my favorite accounts to follow for every style of interiors.

Traditional: @theglampad
Run by an interior design blogger, this account is regularly updated with traditional and elegant living spaces that everyone can enjoy. For those who want to capture a classic aesthetic, you’ll find an abundance of looks to recreate in your home.

Mid-Century Modern: @dc_hillier
If you have a love for all things mid-century modern, then head over to DC Hillier’s Instagram account because this Montreal-based designer shares your passion. He captures the textures, shapes and angles of this style in a way that will leave you feeling nostalgia for the heyday of the mid-century modern movement.

Transitional: @stephensillsassociates
Settling on one specific style can be a challenge for some of us, which is why you might want to blend the best of classic and contemporary with transitional style. Renowned designer Stephen Sills is a master of such and his firm’s Instagram account has the pictures to prove it.

Modern Farmhouse: @farmhouse_homes 
The modern farmhouse style has quickly become a favorite among design enthusiasts and this account will guide you in just the right direction when it’s time to bring the look into your home.

Minimalist: @interiordesign_addict
When it comes to interior design, sometimes less is more, and this is the account for those who live by that mantra. The stark and striking spaces that you’ll find here will be enough to have you doing a deep clean throughout your home and stripping it down to the bare essentials.

Contemporary: @sheltonmindel
Architecture and design firm SheltonMindel is celebrated for their breathtaking portfolio of contemporary spaces that span the globe. Their Instagram account showcases some of the firm’s most exciting work and is a must-see for anyone who wants this style for their home.