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The Pit: Our Professional Peer Panel Clock Hour Class

Collaboration, inspiration and a special video invitation 🙂

You just don’t want to miss this upcoming clock hour class called The Pit.

the pit at the learning labHow did this class come about?

The Pit originated from the Ninja selling out of Fort Collins Colorado when 5 brokers decided they needed practice handling objections, fielding questions from sellers and buyers and overall just having a more polished approach to help their clients.

So they committed to one another to meet weekly to have one person be in the hot seat and the others drill them with questions in order for all to learn.

There is a need right here in our Seattle real estate market

The Learning Lab has adopted and of course, modified this for this as a clock hour class but the power remains.

This class is a panel of high producers who sit on a panel (the hot seat) and you get to fire questions at them.

This year’s panel of 5 consists of brokers from across the city and from different brokerages, on purpose. We strongly believe in cross-pollination here at the Learning Lab and that is why we open up our classes to any licensed broker.

Bring your questions, the members of the panel will be fielding them. Ask them how they generate leads; how they approach their database; what method or CRM they use; what tricks they have for winning offers, and on and on it goes.

Fast, fun and full

It’s a super fun class, very interactive and you get to hear from the local experienced pros in our field and in our market.

To our knowledge, there is no other class like this happening in Seattle, so come take advantage of this rare opportunity and sharpen your skills.

Earn the clock hours you want and need anyway in this fast-paced, engaging and unboring class.

And now, Aaron Janus, rockstar real estate broker and panelist for the biggest and best professional peer panel of the year here at the Learning Lab. Take it away, Aaron!

Review details and register now.

Clock hour classes are always free for Metropolist brokers.