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The Rewards of Work-Life Balance

Are you feeling balanced?

Chad Zinda, Designated Broker Photo by DIWAS Photography

Taking time off regularly is important, but what you may not know is that it will show in your business. Of course recharging our batteries to better serve our clients is reason enough. But let’s not forget the added bonus to vacations, every time you go out of town someone will immediately want to buy a house! No joke. I once wrote into my business plan 1 vacation per quarter to ensure that business would flow…

My most recent getaway was to Paris, France for the 10th Edition of the Gay Games. Competing in Track and Field events including Shot Put, Relays and Discus was a dream come true. And of course making time to explore Paris from the amazing historic landmarks to all of the wonderful food was too good to be true!


My one major take away from participating in this event was the level inclusivity. The Gay Games are touted as the world’s largest and “most inclusive” international sports event, all are invited to participate. Over 10,000 athletes from around the world came together to compete in almost 40 different sports. It reminded me of why I’m a Metropolist. At Metropolist, we set the table for greatness and invite everyone to come for dinner. We are creating community in our brokerage and with our clients all year long in our events, Learning Lab classes and the day to day workings of our brokerage.

Moral of the Story

Making the time to get away and enjoy myself was not only a wonderful memory making experience. It also afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the job I have and what amazing people I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. I was inspired to come home and dive into a booming 4th quarter at Metropolist.

When is your next getaway planned?