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Tips for a Strong Listing Launch

In today’s market, where homes are selling faster than ever, you may find yourself in need of options to launch your listing in a way that will stand out above the rest. All you need to do is follow the seven-day process outlined in this article.

On our recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Kyle Whissel came to share some tips for getting your listings launched in the best way possible.

Monday: Mail Out Invitations

Kick off your listings by sending an invite to the open house on Monday. You should only send invites to those who live in the listing’s neighborhood.

The invites should be personalized so that they stand out among all the other mail residents receive. Whissel suggests switching up your card/envelope colors and making sure that your invites are hand-written.

Tuesday: Start Facebook Ads

By Tuesday, you should be ready to run Facebook Ads for your listings. While it can be challenging to run Facebook Ads that are compliant with Facebook’s rules, Whissel suggests targeting an audience within a certain radius immediately surrounding the listing.

If you have a targeted listing or audience in your area, you can use that or just target the area surrounding the listing. For more tips on running Facebook Ads, go here.

Wednesday: Activate the Listing on the MLS

Wait until Wednesday to activate the listing. According to an article by Redfin, Thursdays and Fridays are the most active dates for potential buyers looking at homes in anticipation of viewing homes on the weekend.

Thursday: Drop off Invitations to the Neighbors

Take time to physically drop off invitations to the neighbors. If you can’t drop them off yourself, hire someone to drop off invitations in the neighborhood so you can stay focused on your main priorities.

Dropping off the invites supports all your efforts earlier in the week, thus increasing your chances of attracting referrals or potential buyers.

Friday: Circle Prospecting

On Fridays, take the time to do some prospecting. If you don’t have them already, use a source or program to get a list of names and phone numbers for prospects in your area. This will keep people on your radar and increase your chances of having more people at your open house.

Saturday: Mega Open House

Finally, you are ready to have your open house. Whissel suggests placing signs everywhere and offering two different timeframes for your open house. Take two hours for neighbors in the area and two hours for the public to come and view the property.

Additionally, if you have the option to have some agents assist you during your open house, ask two real estate agents to help you keep people engaged and informed during the open house. Also, make sure to get everyone’s contact information for follow-up.

Sunday: Follow Up

After the dust settles from your open house, do your final follow-up on Sunday to see where potential buyers are in their decision-making process. Make sure you follow up with every single person that attended and let them know that if they need anything, they have your contact information.

Hopefully after reading this, you feel prepared to tackle your next listing and get the sale. To check out the recording of Whissel’s webinar, go here or join the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group.

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