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We live here; We give here… Metropolist puts our money where our mouth is

If there is anything that has come from the time of Corona Virus it is a clarity of purpose and responsibility to community…

Throughout 2020 Metropolist owners, staff and brokers took a deeper dive than ever into issues of equity and the complicity we have in a perpetually problematic industry of banking and real estate. And from that came discussions of what we can tangibley do to make change. We have a lot to learn and are not nearly close to figuring out all that we can do. But one thing we know is possible is having a specific, intentional and meaningful plan for giving.

Lack of affordable housing is a crisis in King County. The wealth gap is ever growing and the result is thousands of neighbors experiencing houselessness. This disproportionately effects People of Color, specifically women and children. At last count over 39% of these neighbors were black and indigenous while only comprising about 6% of the overall population.

We have decided as owners of Metropolist to pledge 25% of the profit of our company to support these neighbors by choosing an annual Community Partner in hopes that we can make an impact not only on that organization and the people they serve but also by helping to educate and further the understanding of our brokers and clients along the way.

Today we announce our 2021 Community Partner Evergreen Treatment Services and specifically their REACH program which serves thousands of people experiencing houselessness in Seattle and Burien.