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What Are “Real Estate Agents in Earnest”?

And do you want to work with one when you’re a listing broker?

Short answer: yes, you do.

Jennifer Nelson, Managing Metropolist Broker, sheds some light on what she calls an “Agent in Earnest.”

In this multiple offer environment, we have agents who simply deliver an offer and wait to see what the outcome is,  and we also have what I like to call “Agents in Earnest”.

Agents in earnest are the superhero brokers we need to pay close attention to as the listing agent because they have likely put together a good offer, and are also  signaling to us that their buyer may be willing to make their offer even better.

So, when you think you have the “best offer” be sure to double check with the agent in earnest that there isn’t something more their client can do to get your seller the very best offer.


Your seller is counting on you to deliver your best performance in representing them, and most brokers, I think, miss this nuance.

Watch and listen for agents in earnest when you’re the listing broker, because these are the buyer brokers who offer might improve their offer when given the opportunity.

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