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What Should Real Estate Agents Post On Social Media?

As a real estate agent, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal. However, utilizing these and other social media platforms effectively is critical if you want to garner potential leads and get eyeballs on your current listings.

Social media is nothing new to real estate professionals; most agents have been utilizing Facebook and Instagram for years to connect with their clients and up their profiles online. With so many agents and brokers utilizing these platforms today, though, standing out can be a challenge.

What should real estate agents post on social media? In this blog, we will explore different kinds of content you can post to garner the most engagement online. After all, engagement is the best metric to track how your social media posts are performing online. The types of posts we will discuss include:

  • New Listings
  • Relevant News
  • Client Closing
  • Giveaway or Contest
  • Client Testimonials
  • Real Estate Tips
  • Community Events
  • Open House

In order to position yourself as an expert in your local real estate market, you need to master these kinds of social media posts. Ask yourself: what should real estate agents post on social media? Here, we try to answer that question. Below are eight of the most effective types of posts to get your clients’ attention and create engagement.

New Listings

Posting about a new listing is one of the most popular things for agents to post across their various social media accounts. It makes sense, you are excited to share your new listing and you want as many potential buyers to see it as possible.

However, these posts run the risk of you spamming your followers with constant updates about new listings. You never know where the next buyer will come from, so it’s important to post about your new listings and include relevant information (number of beds, baths, etc.), but be mindful about how many new listings posts you’re creating compared to other kinds of real estate posts.

Relevant News

As a real estate professional, it should be your duty to be a resource to buyers and sellers in your local market. Sharing relevant information and news with them is one of the best ways to bolster your standing as a go-to source for real estate insights.

When you share news with your social media followers, be sure to include your own opinions and insights in the caption of the posts. Also, be sure to follow up with any comments or messages you receive about these posts because this can lead to a valuable connection with a buyer or seller in your area.

Client Closing

Celebrate your happy clients! It can never hurt to share a photo of your clients after closing on a property. This serves many purposes, but amongst the most important are your followers seeing that you’re successful in actually getting deals done and your clients are satisfied with the work you do for them.

Keep in mind, however, that client closing posts are also extremely common, thus often don’t receive a ton of engagement. You can combat this by making your client closing posts more interesting by adding personal details about your clients and their new home!

Giveaway or Contest

Alternatively, contests and giveaways often gain more engagement than any other kind of post for the simple reason that people think they can gain something out of it. And let’s be honest…everyone loves free stuff.

Contests and giveaways are always fun for your followers and it’s easy to tie them in with certain holidays. Also, you can promote local businesses in your area by making the prize be a gift card to one of those establishments. Be sure to state all contest details clearly and post the winner when they are selected.

Client Testimonials

You should never brag about yourself on social media, but you can certainly get other people to do it for you! If you have a satisfied customer, ask them if they are comfortable with sharing their experience with your followers. If they’re willing to be filmed discussing the service they received, even better!

If the testimonial is written out, don’t publish the entire thing on social media. It’s a good idea to publish a sentence or two of a testimonial, with a link to the full testimonial on your website. However, you decide to publish client testimonials, make sure you get them out there! These are one of the best ways to build trust with potential clients.

Real Estate Tips

Similar to news posts, by sharing real estate tips with your social media followers, you bolster your standing in your community as a go-to real estate expert.

Sharing real estate tips that you find on social media or through your own research or expertise will usually be well-received, especially by busy clients who may not have time to do their own research. Make sure your tips are easy to read and straightforward.

Community Event

Part of your job as a local real estate expert is to know about different happenings in your area. If you hear about a large outdoor event or other community gatherings, it is your job to share that information with your followers on social media.

In addition to upping your status as a local expert, community events are also a great way to meet new people out in public and they’re also an excuse to reach out directly to your clients.

Open House

Like new listings, sharing details about open houses that you’re hosting is important but can quickly devolve into spamming your followers if you share posts about your open houses too often.

Each open house you host deserves a post across your social media accounts, so be sure to do this and provide all relevant information about the property. However, be mindful of the mix of content you’re sharing online to be sure you aren’t posting updates about your new listings and open houses exclusively.



Agents, with these eight different, effective kinds of social media posts in mind, you should be able to maintain social media as a central component of your marketing efforts and a top resource for new leads!