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2017’s I Do Sodo: Seattle Wedding Event Highlights & Video

One of the most unique ( & most fun) wedding shows – I Do Sodo – happens each year in a variety of venues…including ours. This year our wedding theme that we collaborated around with our a-team of preferred partners was Modern Mediterranean. Take a look at the elegance, the romance and the industrial flair that was achieved with this video provided by First Person Pictures.


I Do Sodo // Metropolist from First Person Pictures on Vimeo.

Our vendor dream team was all sparks of innovation and heart!
Thanks for giving so much to not only this show and the theme, but to eachother (and us) in collaborating. Each contribution, from each savvy pro made the overall wedding show exponentially better.

Below is the list of all the resources & our vendor list we got to work with for this year’s show.
We’d love to bring them back for your big day and would work with each of them in a heartbeat.

Such a great show
The I Do Sodo party progresses from event space to space, giving an opportunity for multiple preferred vendors and venues a chance to reveal their best works in a collaborative test (& taste) -drive wedding show.

Come and take a tour of our venue.
You don’t need to wait for the next show to come around before you decide to #marrymeatmetropolist.
Email Andi to schedule your tour today!