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How Do You Activate Real Estate Success in the First 60 Minutes of Your Day?


“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.?” —?John C. Maxwell


In the last 15 minutes, we’ve reviewed 3 articles about morning rituals and routines and each one of them recommends similar do’s and don’ts. From drinking 16oz of water before you’re fully awake to holding off on checking email and/or social media until after finishing the most important task for the day.

The possibilities of what works and what doesn’t for each person is exponential. But the interesting question we’re finding ourselves asking is,

“What is going to help me, personally, early on in my day, to be willing to take steps toward my goals?”

What will remind me of what my goals actually are?

Which, actions or practices, will help me to focus on the bigger picture and future in order to take the best possible care of my business today?

Lately what’s helped most is writing down each goal daily. Every single goal that’s been set for this year gets re-inked, on paper, daily.

The benefit? A daily refresh and refocus.

No matter what’s happened the day or days before, there’s a well-thought-out plan of where to go….and just a little bit of time before the need to get cracking on the rest of the day’s demands.

The next benefit comes in the form of momentum.

After rewriting goals, there’s usually enough time to take one or two small actions toward those bigger, juicier life goals.

The satisfaction in making progress?


Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes to write out this year’s goals. And there’s time to enjoy a cup of good strong coffee while doing it. It’s quiet, it can be done while curled up in bed with notebook, pen and mug and ease into the day.

Then, there’s just enough time to take a step or two toward the best business & personal interests and then…. take on the day!

You may have your own set morning routine that’s been working for years…awesome!

Or, you may be interested in shaking things up and trying something new, even temporarily. If you’re ready for a few ideas…ones that have worked for Metropolist’s owners for years, sign up for this downloadable PDF …and start strong every day.