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What Does Giving Back Look Like in a Seattle Business?

And what does it feel like?

Here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming “regular” weekend for us here at Metropolist. One where we give back in a way that aligns with a gutsy mission while developing a culture of celebration and connection.


How do we do that exactly?



We continue to craft a fantastic habit: we party with a purpose (PWAP).

Check it out….it’s superfun!



Destination Delridge 2017

Friday, February 24

Supporting the Delridge Neighborhood Development Association (DNDA) in their mission to activate growth in the Delridge corridor by providing vital resources for all of DNDA’s neighbors.

These resources include access to:

  • Affordable housing
  • Green space
  • Healthy food
  • Education
  • Arts and culture

This is the 2nd year we’re partnering and hosting this event at Metropolist in an effort to support this beloved and richly diverse community and their vision for accessing those vital resources.

Metropolist partners with DNDA

Photo: Sourced from Art Beat Blog from the Office of Arts & Culture



Part of it is, we have a genuine love of action, activation, forward motion, progress in business, but also in our community. Our neighborhoods deserve action, activation, forward motion and progress, just like our business does.


Another part? We have a commitment to doing more good in the world.

It feels amazing to serve as a partner with DNDA and to party…with a purpose.


Metropolist stuffs 500 bags

500 Bags Project because community and collaboration matter.



500 Bags: A Give & Go Fundraiser


Designed to be fast and fun, this is a 3-hour drop in and fill plastic zip bags with small essentials that will ease the lives in a small way to those who currently call the streets their home. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, new clean socks and other small but helpful items will go into each of these 500 bags.



Having a headquarters in SODO, we see the crushing effect homelessness has on regular members of our community. And we feel compelled to offer them small essentials.


This is a fun, collaborative & quick event, providing a way to give in a non-financial way.

After all, there’s value in the time and care that gets shared.


Take some

Plus, everyone who participates is also invited to take and distribute some of the 500 bags we’re filling!


Chances are, you see homeless people in your circles on a day to day basis too. You may see some of them regularly. They may be familiar & recognizable to you.

You may be familiar to these neighbors too.


It feels satisfying to jump in and share a little time in an effort to give another person a bit of comfort, care and ease. There’s a quote that says, “Self-esteem comes from esteemable acts.”


Fact is, we need to feel involved and like we’re having a positive impact on others in our city, in our circles, in our spheres. We need it in our business, and we need it beyond our business too.


This desire is in our DNA. And it’s built into our Code of Ethics.



Giving back matters.

Collaboration matters.

And celebration matters too.


It feels equally fulfilling & exciting to work, play and party in alignment with our Code of Ethics.


You’re always invited to give back, collaborate and celebrate with us.

Because it matters.