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Big Impact That’s Fast & Easy: Let’s Party With a Purpose

Much of the work done in our office revolves around happy and exciting times. Houses, properties and homes. However, we also see the crushing effect of homelessness in our SODO Seattle location. It’s on the now-familiar faces of the people we see in the neighborhood who are doing their best. We may not be able to help everybody or “solve” homelessness, but we can do more. We’re giving back a little more…& here’s how.

There’s a specific heartbreak we feel when local folks are homeless in our neighborhood.

We have a deeper need to make a positive impact. We need to improve people’s’ lives….some may be clients, some may not. But all of the people we see could sometimes use just a bit of help.


So here’s what we’re doing:

( & by the way, you’re invited!)


The basics

We’re hosting a quick event: Feb 25 from

10am – 1pm, right here at Metropolist in SODO.


Is it part of your DNA?

Giving back is part of our code and culture. So, if it’s part of yours too, we have plenty in common!


It’s not just about what we do, but the way we do it. And it’s not strictly about financial giving either.

So, our focus for this Give & Go Party With a Purpose is to share a few resources with homeless people throughout our city. 500 people.

metropolist party with a purpose give & go homelessness

By keeping the event short, focused and fun, more good feelings of participation & satisfaction can be had by both givers and receivers. Also, your time is every bit as valuable as any financial offering or donation.


Giving back is fun. And it’s more fun WITH YOU!


5 Ways You Can Party with a Purpose!

  1.  Join us for a few minutes, or the whole 3 hours, to stuff plastic bags with simple survival essentials
  2.  Contribute supplies: Get in touch and find out what we still need. Gift cards to Costco, Target or Amazon are great.
  3. Your company can partner with us: Have your company, or someone you know with a company, sponsor 500 (or 250, or 100) survival pieces to give in the bags. Call to discuss needed items and how your company would like to partner.
  4. Share the event: bring a friend, send the event deets to your tribes on Facebook & Instagram.
  5.  Take the bags: Yes! Take as many of the 500 bags as you’d like and give directly to the people you see who could use some basic necessities that could help someone along on their path. Any left over will be donated to a shelter near us.

There will be light refreshments available at this Give & Go Party.


Come and stay for the whole time on Feb 25.

Or just swing through, take a few bags and participate.


Truly, anything helps.


And giving back is just that simple.


We can. We want to. It’s in our DNA.

And you’re invited!