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Client Appreciation Tip for Brokers: Gratitude Keeps It Simple

Client appreciation at its core is about gratitude. Here’s a bit of a dive into why something so seemingly small has such a big impact for your real estate practice as a broker.

It’s the small, meaningful things that help you to stand out in the minds of your clients. This is something that is an art as well as a science. Much of the skill in doing the small and meaningful has to do with being present and being grateful.

Presence and gratitude CAN be overthought and overdone, thus appearing disingenuous or phony.

The tip here is:

Keep it simple and personal.

You may have clients at this time of year who begin getting ready for “social hibernation”, they hunker down or flee for sunnier skies. Reach out in their preferred method of contact (something you’ll definitely want to note in your CRM). Ask them about ….them! How they’re doing, what they’re up to for the holidays, even a post-election check in will go far.

And be as “there for them” as you possibly can.

Lavish them with genuine attention, whether on the phone or in a note.
The point is to reach out and to make that contact time alllll about them.

It’s simple but it’s also rare

This alone is a priceless gesture. Your thought and care on this level is actually quite rare and will add to your thoughtfulness, your organization and your referability.

That’s the simple form of demonstrating gratitude. Giving attention, saying thank you….and not just after a transaction.

There are lists and lists of things you could do ranging from very simple, such as above, and more complex, as you’ll see below.

How to 10x your gesture

We like to give big collaborative parties here. Bands, food, drinks, great people! The general theme is “Come over, come over!” and “You’re always invited!” It’s a big party, but it gives the broker a way to offer a grander gratitude gesture.

Bringing their sphere to a single space that’s beautifully decorated, professionally presented, without the broker organizing or paying for a huge party. Frankly, it wows a client. That’s why we’re having a 2nd annual and it’s a signature event.

The firm gives the blowout bash and we arrange a pie giveaway for the brokers. Brokers pay the $5-$12 per pie and send out the invites the firm prints & puts together.  We hire the band, order & pay for the rest of the food (including a few extra pies!) and we clean, prep and staff the shindig so everyone can focus on who they’re grateful for…their clients!

Big or small, a gratitude practice will give more than it takes

If you don’t feel like you can do “much” right now for your clients, ask yourself “what can you do?”
What can you do that’s simple, meaningful and authentic?

It will help you feel better and your clients will be touched.

They’ll think more of you…, they’ll think of you more.

Our Pie Event is coming up on Tuesday, November 22 from 4-8pm.

Would love to have you join us & see how we give client appreciation love as a firm.

Drive by, say “hi”, eat some pie!

RSVP …& come over, come over!