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Setting the Table for Greatness at Metropolist

Main dishes? A real estate school, an in-house creative team, a code of ethics that supports and aligns a growing real estate practice in all seasons of the market and more. Ring your own dinner bell, pull up a chair and bring your appetite for success to SODO.

Success comes from people like you . Part of it is in your creativity, part of it is in the drive you have to build a real estate practice that supports your clients, your community and yourself.

There’s a competitive element in this as well, right? Who doesn’t love to win? Who doesn’t love to team up with an eager seller or buyer and seize an opportunity, especially in this wild Seattle market? It’s an exciting path and one that takes a lot of energy, communication and tenacity.

We know this is you.

We’re saving a seat for you at the table. Our table.


The Learning Lab, your Seattle real estate school

Our real estate school, the Learning Lab, is rooted in a commitment to remain original and “unboring”. Custom, trending topics keep your skills sharp, your cadre of techniques and strategies clear and your engagement high in this all-in ninja environment.

Original clock hour classes are rolled out each year, and pop-up classes are scheduled based on need, trend and best practices. Your career is too exciting and the market is too busy to serve up the same old, same old year after year.

As a Metropolist, did you know that your clock-hour classes are always free in the Learning Lab?

Your in-house creative team

One of our firm’s strongest assets is our brand. The team that built this brand is also in-house to work with you to develop your own personalized, customized broker brand. One you can carry with you in all of your marketing, that’s been crafted in part by you and for you by a strong design team.

A code of ethics to thrive in

Rather than talk about how great our Code of Ethics is, simply review it and see if it resonates.


Because it matters.

This is the code we work from daily:

  • Who you work for matters: Imagine a creative, dynamic, accessible, committed, flexible, supportive, and trustworthy leadership team with more than 60 years of experience.
  • Being heard matters: The Broker Advisory Board allows for more voices having a say in the process and growth of Metropolist.
  • Giving back matters: We believe in philanthropy and have a genuine love of doing good in the world.
  • (Unboring) Education matters: We find rockstar real estate educators who teach exceptional content at The Learning Lab, your  in-house real estate school.
  • Aesthetics matter: Aesthetics matter to us, and we’ve built a space that inspires! A beautiful office for you to proudly invite your clients to for more than just signing papers or reviewing contracts.
  • Marketing matters: As mentioned, our in-house creative team will help you put together personalized, customized branding and broker materials in a ninja-focused environment.
  • Support matters: Real estate can be a lonely business. A ninja-focused environment means mentorship and nuts and bolts services in a collaborative culture.
  • Not missing a beat matters: Transition seamlessly to Metropolist. We’ve thought of everything you will need to hit the ground running when you make Metropolist your new partner.
  • Celebration matters: We believe in celebrating all of life’s special moments. We have a party space for our brokers, friends and anyone looking for that special place to commemorate milestones.
  • Collaboration matters: We enjoy being of service and working together. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can. We are well connected and have a network of people, referrals and spaces that will help you find a solution to your needs. The sum is greater than the parts, and we can do great things together.

We’ve set the table for greatness.

This invitation?
It is yours.

Imagine all that can and will happen when you join the 30+ fellow greats in our local real estate and event firm.

Why not?

Why not explore the process by joining us for a Tuesday Production Meeting at our office?

Meet everyone and sit in from 10am – 11am on a Tuesday of your choosing.

RSVP today and let us know when you’d like to sit in on a Production Meeting!