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Confessions of a Millennial Home Seller

The Setup

I recently read a great article in INMAN about the confessions of a millennial home seller. He was bemoaning the fact that there isn’t a slick app to sell your home. He is used to hailing a ride or getting food by the pushing a few buttons on his smart phone so why couldn’t selling his home be the same? He was finding the process of selling his home to be arduous and slow but upon further investigation he landed in a very different spot. Here are a few of his findings:

  • The potential app lost out over actually talking to real people. He found that having someone be in charge of the process and organizing all the data and then be able to articulate their findings from person to person instead of from a algorithm to him was reassuring and helpful
  • He learned that he wanted human interaction because of the authenticity he craved-the heartbeat mattered
  • He found, despite his own ego, that he did in fact need an expert to guide him. He realized that professionals on this front were quite helpful in getting him the best result
  • And interestingly enough, he found that slowing down the process a bit was in fact a good idea – it is likely the largest asset most folks will ever have so pushing a button to hurry this a long didn’t seem in the best interest of the buyer or seller

The Upshot

This is not a unique experience. The vast majority of people will find that hiring a professional is the way to go.  In an effort to not sound too old fashioned, real estate is a relationship business. At its best it is done with people who like, know and trust the broker they have hired.  This cannot be done by a stranger in another city valuing your home and putting it on an app for buyers to bid on. The nuances of the micro market, the relationships with cooperating brokers, the agility of a seasoned professional in the chaos of a negotiation or transactional issue. These are things that can not be duplicated by an algorithm. There is just no way that you will have the same experience or outcome.

In my experience the clients who think they want an app, or prefer the idea of a skype call in place of an in-person consult are the clients who benefit most, and embrace fully, the full service model once engaged. They also become loyal advocates of your business if you lead them firmly through the process.