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Creating Marketing Remarks That Sell Real Estate

Review these tips to improve your writing skills for your next listing.

Is it a challenge to write remarks? Does it take lots of time to create them?
The goal, after all, is to describe your listing to the general public that will:

  • attract interest
  • generate inquiries
  • get people excited about the property
  • and in the door to see it in person

Also known as “ad writing” (or “copywriting”), this is a must-have skill in every broker’s toolkit. And for some, it’s a real challenge.


Sharing for your success

Take note of these few tips from the Learning Lab’s clock hour class on writing excellent marketing remarks held earlier this year. Hoping they help to make writing those remarks both easier and more effective for you.

1)      Start early. Yes, your life is busy. But when you make a quick list of bullet points early on, it will save you time later. Outlining the features early will help you translate the benefits faster later.

2)     Ask this awesome question. Ask your client what they will miss most about living there and incorporate the response into the language of the remarks. Boom! Storytelling!

3)     Focus on the benefits, not features.  There is a plethora of information for buyers out there and they don’t need to know that this house is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Prospective buyers need to know “how this house lives/” Meaning, answer questions like:

Are all 3 bedrooms on one floor?
Is there a history to the landscaping? Perhaps a 100-year-old tree in the front yard that grows amazing apples every fall?

4)     Appeal to emotions. Use your imagination to do this. Ask yourself who the new buyers might be and what they’d want to know about this house.
Then, paint a picture of the experience you’ve imagined.  Instead of saying, “large deck with firepit,” try painting the picture so people can imagine themselves there already. Example: “Cozy up on a warm summer night in front of the firepit.”

5)     More eyeballs. Ask a friend to read it before you publish the listing. You’ll definitely want to avoid any errors that may have slipped into your remarks. It happens to everyone, and this is your safety, especially when you’re busy!

We, as brokers, are responsible for the buyers’s first impressions of the listings we represent. The text we serve up is placed right along side the pictures we choose. So, make your marketing remarks top notch.
Let us know how these tips worked for you in the comments!