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The Critical Client Meeting Most Brokers Don’t Schedule

Disclaimer: This meeting is only important if you’re interested in improving your referability as a real estate agent.


The transaction is over.

They have the keys to their new place, you’ve given the closing gift.

And it’s a few weeks even later.

Your clients are now moved into the home you helped them purchase.

There’s still one more meeting to make and show up for with them.

It doesn’t need to be long, involved or complicated.

Have you guessed yet?


This is the easiest way to close their whole experience out like a solid gold pro.

Stop by their house and ask for the tour!



Your clients are so excited about being in their new space.
Show up for them.
Be excited with them.

You’ve had the chance to see where they were living before, furniture & all.

See and witness the after, with genuine care and enthusiasm!

They’ve moved their lives to a whole new home and are probably ready to show it off. And you helped them arrive.

Be a witness to their achievement. It’s a big deal.

You assisted in a really big investment. And showing up kind of wraps the whole thing up for them as well as you.

What can happen at these meetings?
Broker Thea Cornelia took a tour of her client’s home after they’d moved into the home she helped them buy, and they were so happy to show it off to her.

They recalled a few things about the process with her and asked her, “What can we do for you, Thea?”

She was able to graciously answer, “If you know people who are looking to buy a house, please give them my card. I’d love to work with them.”

Finish strong, take the tour

This is such a thoughtful gesture, and truly, it’s a rare thing for real estate brokers to schedule an after-move in visit.

Yes, you’ll get busy and you may be on to the next transaction, but you’ll be missing an easy opportunity to make a fantastic finishing impression!

We urge you to finish strong and take the tour.