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Dead Real Estate Brokers Don’t Do Much Good

Pace yourself, Seattle broker.

Recently at the Learning Lab, we had a panel of high producing brokers talk about the state of the market, multiple offers, and other timely issues. It was a packed house and was well worth the price of admission for 3 clock hours.

Best quote ever

The topic did turn to work pace and balance for brokers. One of these panelists said the best and most quotable quote of the day: “Dead Realtors Don’t Do Much Good”.

The whole room roared with laughter at first, but then it got uncomfortably quiet as the significance, and truth, of this statement began to sink in.

Are you on all the time?

If you’re going, going, going all the time, working all the time, always inside of the broker mindset will burn you out.  It’s just a matter of “when”.

The demands of our clients and this competitive Seattle area market will, in fact, have you working all the time if you choose to so.

What does a burned out broker look like?

This will lead to a very tired very unhelpful Realtor who will make more mistakes, me much more grumpy and ultimately not serve your interests much less your clients.  Please take the time you need to rest, to take a walk, to sit and stare at a wall if it centers you.

An overworked, burned out broker isn’t what we are going for… and your clients don’t want to work with that person either.

Get your clock hours from the Learning Lab: Seattle’s Unboring Real Estate School

All real estate brokers, from every firm, are welcome and invited. Enjoy social, unboring, practical and helpful, relevant real estate clock hour courses at the Learning Lab. As many as you can, as many as you want… and as many as you need.

It feels more like an educational party than a boring-as-hell, “traditional” clock hour class.

Check out the next couple of courses or plan further ahead.
Review the Course Catalog now. And join the clock hour party.