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Featuring: Sarah Georger-Clark

Introducing… Broker Sarah Georger-Clark

Sarah began her real estate career in 2012. In early 2020, she decided to make the move to join Metropolist. We are so glad that she did!

 “I became a Metropolist Broker because I wanted to be closer to the decision makers that would welcome new ideas, think outside of the box in real estate, and support my business so that I could continue to build relationships with my clients.”


Fun Facts about Sarah!

    • I love to dance – Not going to win any competitions, but it brings immense joy to learn new choreo, ways to move my body, and exercise and have fun at the same time.
    • I am from the great city of Rochester, NY, a small city in Western New York State. Home of Kodak, Lake Ontario, the Genesee River, and the Nick Tahoes Garbage Plate.
    • I love our fur babies, Dana and Beverly. Curly, snuggly, mischievous pups that love to go for sniff walks, steal my socks, and harass the neighbor dogs.
    • This summer, you will find me in the garden listening to Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, or exploring my new found interest in Country music.
    • I am a self proclaimed Gen-X Swiftie since going to a Taylor Swing concert in July 2023 with my nieces. It changed my life by helping me through a challenging chapter and coming out of it with a newfound respect for songwriting, poetry, and entrepreneurship.
    • I have two adult children, Simon who is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and works in Production for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Lions. Miles is currently a student at the University of Georgia studying (you guessed it) Real Estate!
      Why so far? Like their mama, they are brave and adventurous and like to think outside of the box. We couldn’t be more proud of the men they have become.


What do you love most about the Seattle area?

“I will never get over the beautiful color palette of blues, grays, and greens. The mix of the sky, water, and mountains surrounded with flowers and greenery never gets old. Combine that with its rich history in the past 100 years, this place is my forever home.”

What is your favorite house style and why?

“Ugly ones! Well, let me rephrase…I love homes that are well lived in and full of belongings, memories, pets, and life. Homes like that will clean up nicely and exude the positive energy that has lived in it. Sellers sometimes don’t see my vision, but when they get those photos, they are blown away. I love it when I can go in there, do my thing, make it shine, and show the world how wonderful the home truly is.

My personal favorite style of house is one with a point of view. Something from an era where attention was paid to detail, someone got creative, and evoked a story. It can be big or small, from any part of town or decade. It just needs a bit of soul for me to fall in love.”


What matters to you most when you are working with your clients?

“When I’m working with a buyer or seller, it’s crucial that there is a relationship of trust and kindness. It’s important to me that they feel like they are in excellent hands, I have their back, they are heard, and understand that we share the same goal – which is their success.”

“I have tried & true process that works over and over again. It can be tweaked to accommodate their needs and circumstances, but I can’t know unless they tell me. It’s imperative that we all communicate what is and isn’t working, in a kind respectful way. This business of moving is stressful, but everything is figure out-able when we work together and talk.”

What makes you feel successful as a Real Estate Broker?

“I feel the most successful when I run into clients after working with them and we are excited to catch up. I witness such stressful and important times in their lives, where I get incredibly invested. When I see them and get to hear the other side of things, it’s tremendously satisfying. Even when they call me for referrals or have issues, it’s a gift to continue to assist them.”

“When I have free time, I’m usually crafting some sort of social get-together or planning a visit with my family. On the flip side, I may be out on my Paddleboard, walking with my dogs, or out in the garden. I like to have a balance of solitude and being around people that are close to me.”

“Where I shine is in my process. I am extremely organized and have a proven path for working through a sale. My attention to detail in both shopping for houses and getting them ready for market is unmatched. I utilize my community of agents, my contractors, and my community to help me think outside of the box and solve the problems that are unexpected. I am excellent at presentation and marketing, I go above and beyond other realtors to create a story of the homes that I list. I’m not afraid to invest in the product to get the best outcome for my clients.”

“My eye for aesthetics and ability to make any house shine in its best light is my Superpower. The website and pages that I create for my listings on, are like no other. I dive deep into details that evoke a response from all kinds of buyers. For the analytical Type A, I provide reports. For the aesthetic buyer, I provide beautiful photos. And for the dreamer, I create a lifestyle that they would want to live in.” 

“I love to see a home come to life in this way, and show it to the world.”


How you have grown and developed in your career as a real estate broker since joining Metropolist?

“I have developed and grown because I have seen first hand that people work with me because of my name and my reputation vs the name on the sign. Metropolist is collaborative – we carry a wide breadth of connections to agents in other brokerages and throughout the Puget Sound area. This allows us to work together seamlessly in the local real estate community – helping put deals together with all agents, not just the ones in house.”

“The relationships I have built within the Realtor community and in the Home Improvement world have made connections that directly benefit my friends and clients. I have my ear to the ground on what goes on with other homes, lists of resources for those that need a recommendation,  and bring people together to meet whatever needs they have.”


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