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On Building Yourself and Your Real Estate Business

Be the person you want to be around!

Ever notice that when you surround yourself with learners and growers you too get to learn and grow?

When you are around those who care about growing, who are asking good questions, and who are willing to tackle the scary stuff, do you begin to feel empowered?

I do.

And I’d venture a guess that most of us here at Metropolist do too.

Upping their game

We just had 9 of our brokers attend the Ninja Sales Training in Fort Collins CO.

These 9 committed to spending the money and giving of their time to up their game.

Many of them borrowed the money to make this happen because they understood the significance of this training not only on their business but on their person.

Now just for a second, think of a friend or family member or acquaintance who is the opposite; not a grower or a learner but a stagnant, possibly toxic-feeling, nay-sayer.

Do you want to be around them?

Are you prone to get advice from them?

Do they make you want to be better?

Perhaps they do make you want to be better but in that “I don’t’ want to be like them in any way, sort of way”.

So who are YOU?

Are you the person who empowers those around you to grow and better themselves? Do they want to be more like you because you are striving to learn more, serve more and be more? Is there a training you have been attracted to but talked yourself out of?

Is there a coffee date with someone who you know will steer you in the right direction but you haven’t asked?  Is there a book you need to read to start to unravel some stuff in your life that has held you back?

Isn’t it time?

Be the person you want to be around. What will it take to get you where you want to be?

Make your list and start making time to tick the boxes.

Your satisfaction, happiness and overall career will definitely improve.

On being a Metropolist

Maybe, after reading a few articles and checking out a Learning Lab clock hour class, you’ve decided you’d like to know what it might be like to be around us, full time, at Metropolist.

Leveling up your own real estate practice, and being a part of our next Ninja 9, is totally up for discussion. Email or call Chad, and let’s talk about it.